Creating a Culture of Health

  Nurses, like everyone else, are subject to health problems. In fact, they may be more prone to health problems, given their long hours, shift work, odd eating patterns and high stress levels. According to an article from, many healthcare institutions are searching for ways to improve the health of their employees, not just because they care about the well-being of their staff members, but also because it makes financial sense to do so. It has been estimated that… Continue reading

Staffing Levels and Patient Risk

  Higher nurse workloads due to inadequate staffing have a direct impact on patient outcomes after surgery, a new study has found. The large-scale study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing showed that higher nurse workloads negatively impacted all patients, but interestingly, older black patients were three times more likely than older white patients to suffer poorer outcomes after surgery, including death. Over a 5:1 patient-to-nurse ration, the odds of patient death increased by 3 percent per additional… Continue reading