Nursing as a second career: older nurses prove it’s never too late

Alberta Hunter in her nurse uniform at Goldwater Memorial Hospital before her retirement in 1977

Alberta Hunter in her nurse uniform at Goldwater Memorial Hospital before her retirement in 1977

In 1955, blues and jazz legend Alberta Hunter decided to begin a second career as a nurse after reaching the pinnacle of a music and theater career spanning more than 4 decades.  Yet, she was turned down when she first applied to the School of Practical Nursing at the Young Women’s Christian Association branch in Harlem.   The director of the school told her that she was simply too old to become a nurse.
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Nursing Job Outlook in 2014

Smiling Nurse With Thumbs Up PosingAs 2013 began, some experts declared that not only was the nursing shortage over but that it was a “myth” (See our February 2013 article: “Is the nursing shortage a myth?“) and a number of news outlets began reporting on just how difficult it was becoming for new nursing school graduates to find a job. However, as we enter 2014, it is clear that there is still a shortage of experienced nurses in some regions, that the demand for nurses will continue to rise and that new nurse graduates still have a much better chance of finding a job than new graduates in other fields.

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Nurse Photo Contest – Calling all nurses!

Send us a photo for a chance to win $100! As many of you nurses already know, it is not easy to find accurate portrayals of nurses. As we explained the in our last photo contest: Real portrayals of the nursing profession are few and far between and instead of settling for buying fake-looking models posing in halloween nurse costumes for our stock photographs we at figured that we might as well try asking the many nurses who use our… Continue reading

Superheroes visit Texas Children’s Hospital

A group of superheroes, disguised as window washers, visited Texas Children’s Hospital on Friday.  Houston Chronicle photographer Maya Beltran was on hand to capture the surprise and delight of the hospital’s patients.   The surprise visit was part of a growing trend of window washers donning superhero costumes at hospitals across the nation.    

The American Nurse

In The American Nurse, photographer and award-winning filmmaker Carolyn Jones, through quiet photographs and deeply moving text, tells the personal stories of 75 nurses from across the U.S.–and in doing so gives voice to millions of women and men playing an important role every day in America’s healthcare system. One of the lucky winners of our recent photo contest will be receiving a copy of this book. The American Nurse Project was made possible with the support of Frenenius Kabi and includes… Continue reading
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Living and Working as a Nurse in Little Rock

The capital and the largest city in Arkansas, Little Rock is home to some of great Southern hospitals. Some of the best nursing jobs in Little Rock can be found at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Infirmary, which are all well-rated by  US News and World Report, and have high-ranking specialties. Many Little Rock nursing jobs are in hospitals located on Interstates 630 and 30, including the Baptist Health Rehab Institute and the Southwest Regional Medical Center.
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Pediatric Oncology: Super formula to fight cancer

Receiving chemotherapy is no fun for anyone and can be a particularly difficult experience for children. However, international ad agency JWT Brazil and film studio Warner Brothers recently teamed up with the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil to develop a campaign, “Super forumula to fight cancer,” to make the experience a little easier and more fun for children: The program was based on the idea that the first step to the fight against cancer is believing in… Continue reading

Giving nurses a break: Presenteeism and Patient Safety

Have you ever worked a shift when you had a minor cough or the sniffles? What about with an IV line in your arm? As incredible as it may seem, as recently reported by the China Post, some nurses at understaffed hospitals in Taiwan have been photographed engaging in extreme acts of presenteeism (working while sick).  There have been a number of studies clearly demonstrating that working while sick is not a good idea and potentially harmful not only to nurses and… Continue reading

Happy Nurses Week 2013! Have a pizza on us!

National Nurses Week begins on May 6th and ends on May 12th (the birth day of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale). Across the nation, communities will gather to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments, hard work, dedication and courage of millions of nurses. Inspired by a story we read about ER departments from Boston ordering pizza for nurses in West, Texas we decided we were going to start a new tradition of free pizza for nurses during Nurses Week!
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